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In today’s fast-paced and competitive business environment, merely keeping up is no longer enough. To truly thrive and outpace the competition, elevating your team to its next level of performance is not just an advantage—it's a necessity. With decades of experience in the most demanding environments imaginable, William brings the unparalleled discipline, leadership, and teamwork skills honed during his 26 years as a U.S. Navy SEAL. Brenda, with her expert insight into HR practices, crisis management, and group dynamics, complements this perfectly, translating these high-stakes military strategies into actionable, impactful corporate methodologies.


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Who We Are

William Branum

William Branum is a highly decorated Navy SEAL veteran who served in the United States military for 26 years. During his extensive military career, he honed his leadership skills, cultivated a strong mindset, and gained invaluable experience in high-pressure situations as a sniper instructor, leading teams on operations ranging from protecting the interim Iraqi elected officials to direct action missions in Baghdad as well as specialized in undersea operations with missions that were required to be approved by the President of the United States. After retiring from the military, William has made it his mission to share the lessons he learned with others as a speaker, author, and business, and leadership advisor.

William’s expertise in leadership and mindset has been sought after by organizations ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. He draws on his experiences to provide practical advice on how to cultivate a leadership style that inspires and motivates others, and how to develop the resilience needed to succeed in challenging environments.

William's commitment to serving others has also led him to support several philanthropic causes, including the Navy SEAL Foundation and the Special Operations Warrior Foundation.

Through his work, Branum continues to inspire individuals and organizations to embrace the qualities that have made him a successful leader: discipline, dedication, and a willingness to push beyond one's limits.

Brenda Neckvatal

Brenda is an award-winning HR professional, a 2x bestselling author, and has been featured in publications such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, Fast Company, Inc., and US News and World Reports. Perseverance, integrity, and relentless optimism are just a few of the ingredients that make up what you experience when meeting and working with Brenda.

Not only does she help business leaders solve their most difficult people issues, but she is also a specialist in group dynamics, crisis management, and HR compliance, and a mentor to professionals in HR working as an HR department of one.

She started as an HR sprout after a solid fourteen-year career in retail management. She really enjoys helping people solve their unique problems, and human resources offered her the ability to support her co-workers in a greater capacity. Having the benefit of working for a total of six Fortune 500 companies, she converted her experience into advising her audience to use tried and trusted best practices that help small businesses achieve their workforce goals.

In her 30-year career in human resources and business, she has consulted to over 600 small businesses and C-suite leaders. She has optimized employee effectiveness and helped mitigate the high costs associated with making hasty employment-related decisions.

Frequently Asked Question

How can I use your service to lead remote teams effectively?

Leading remote teams effectively requires a combination of clear communication, robust collaboration tools, and a strong understanding of remote work dynamics. Our approach focuses on empowering leaders with the necessary skills and resources to thrive in the digital landscape. Through tailored coaching, training sessions, and access to cutting-edge technologies, we help leaders become more efficient, fostering a culture of productivity and success within remote teams.

Do you offer high performing team training?

Yes, we provide high-performing team training programs tailored to meet the specific needs of your organization. Our training is designed to enhance teamwork, communication, and collaboration skills, equipping leaders and managers with the tools and strategies necessary to achieve exceptional results. Through interactive workshops, real-world simulations, and personalized coaching, we empower teams to reach new heights of success and effectiveness.

What does your high-performing team assessment tool entail?

The high-performing team assessment tool is a comprehensive diagnostic instrument that evaluates various facets of team dynamics, communication, and performance. It offers valuable insights into team strengths and areas for improvement, enabling organizations to pinpoint opportunities for growth and optimization. This tool facilitates a deeper understanding of team capabilities, allowing for the implementation of targeted strategies to enhance overall effectiveness and success.

Do you use any other assessment tools to build high performing teams?

Yes, in addition to our high-performing team assessment tool, we offer a range of other assessment tools tailored to meet specific organizational needs. These include our Business Health Check Assessment, which evaluates various aspects of organizational health and performance, identifying areas for improvement and growth. Additionally, we provide an assessment that determines how employees react to workplace situations and challenges, offering insights into individual and team dynamics, communication styles, and areas for development. These assessments are valuable tools in helping organizations optimize their performance, enhance team effectiveness, and achieve their strategic objectives.

We Help You to Skill Up

Let's Talk About Opportunities.

We Help You to Skill Up

Let's talk about opportunities.

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